Create a Dialer in Windows XP

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Setting up a Dialer in Windows XP

Shortcut to Network Connections folder.

Xp dialer 1.PNG

Open the control panel and click on Network Connetions.

Xp dialer 2.PNG

Click New Connection Wizard.

Xp dialer 3.PNG

Click Next.

Xp dialer 4.PNG

Select Connect to the Internet and click Next.

Xp dialer 5.PNG

Click Set up my connection manually and click Next.

Xp dialer 6.PNG

Click Connect using a dial-up modem and click Next.

Xp dialer 7.PNG

Name the connection and click Next.

Xp dialer 8.PNG

Enter the number you dial and click Next.

Xp dialer 9.PNG

If you are not sure of the number, a list of access numbers is available at the link below. You can use ctr + f to search for a close city.

If anyone else has an account on the computer and needs access to the dialer, click Anyone's use and click Next.

You should check the box "Allow other people to use this connection" if anyone else uses the computer to dial up.

Xp dialer 10.PNG

Enter your username and password and then click Next.

Xp dialer 11.PNG

Check the box to add a shortcut to the Desktop and click Finish.

Xp dialer 12.PNG

Now you should be able to dial up. Click on the dialer and try to connect.

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