Debugging Ethernet Port Duplex and Speed Settings

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Ethernet Port Duplex and Speed Settings are the most common reason customers report speed or bandwidth issues to their location. This also is the most common reason that there are Voice Line Quality of Service Issues, Speed or Performance Issues, or problems when we deliver SIP Trunks.

What Duplex Settings Are

Duplex refers to the way an ethernet port is configured. to send and recieve data

  • Full Duplex, means that the ethernet connection is properly configured to allow simultanous two way traffic on your ethernet line.
    • In order to get the best speeds you must have your equipment configured for full duplex.
  • Half Duplex, means that the etnernet connection is configured to send or recieve traffic, but not at the same time.
    • Half Duplex, will result in impaired and slower performance.

What affect having "Half Duplex" will have

  • You are almost guaranteed to have slower speeds. Typically a Half-Duplex setup will decrease speeds by at least 20%, perhaps higher, particularily on faster connections. On Fiber Speed Connections
  • If you are running Voice Over Interet Protocol, you almost always will have degraded voice. Problems with Voice will occur more often when there is high traffic load.
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