Debugging Routing Issues

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This page is used by both ACD Network Operations Center personel and also by our customers to assist and facilitate the resolution of IP Block Routing Issues.

Reasons for Routing Issues:

  1. Many times these issues are caused by mis-configuration, either on ACD equipment or on customer equipment.
  2. There are some instances where routing issues are caused when ACD redundant network paths fail, and the configuration settings are not configured to flow traffic down these redundant routes successfully.
  3. Additionally these problems can occur when there is a Double Assigned IP Address or Block
  4. There are some instances where there is route corruption on ACD's or customer's network equipment. This occurs when there are database errors within the routers themselves. Usually the command "clear ip route" can resolve the issue, or reloading the respective router. Generally, this should be a last resort.

Regardless, these problems are solvable.

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