Demarcation Point and Division of Responsibilty past the Network Interface

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A Network Interface is the location where the communication company hands off service to the customer's internal wiring. This may also be called the Demarcation Point.

You can find more information about a Network Interfaces and Network Interface Devices here:


Division of Responsibility and Cost to Repair or Debug

A network interface is defined on networks to delineate a division of responsibility. For example on the Service Provider Side of the Network Interface, ACD is responsible for the quality of the connection. On the Customer Side of the Network Interface, the Customer is responsible for the connection.

The point where responsibility ends and a hand off of responsibility to another party is called the Demarcation Point.

ACD responsibility <-----> Customer Responsibility
                   Network Interface

The network interface as a test point

ACD Responsibility -> Network Interface <---> Demarc Extension ------> ACD owned equipment --->Inside Wire--> Customer Equipment
                                          ^         ^                  ^                             ^         ^      
                                          |         |                  |                             |         |
                                          |         |                  |                             |
                                     Demarcation  Customer          ACD responsible for          Customer     Customer      
                                      Point     Responsibility      if customer has an         Responsiblity  Responsibility
                                                                   agreement in effect 

In general, ACD's responsibility for wiring ends at the Network Interface, equipment and wiring past the If there are problems with your service beyond the Network Interface, the wiring is generally the customers issue.

A dispatched technician will test at the network interface, prove or disprove service works at the network interface. After that point the wiring is the customer's repsonsiblity.

ACD in some instances can repair the wiring, however such repair will be charged a fee for repair or debugging, and may be assessed a Truck Roll Fee

Demarcation Wiring Extenstion

Demarcation Wiring Extections, also called Demarc Extenstion, is an extension of wiring from the Network Interface to the Customer Premise Equipment.

A Demarc Extension goes:

ACD charges for performing Demarc Extensions, and also charges for debugging Demarcation Extensions to the Customer via a Truck Roll Fee

If the below circumstances are met, ACD may waive the Truck Roll Fee

  • The Demarc Extension was performed by ACD.
  • No modifications were performed on the Demarc Extension, by non-ACD personell at any time.
  • There are no other provider's services running or operational on the Demarc Extension
  • The Customer is a Business Services Customer
  • The Customer is under an Active Term Contract
  • There is no damage caused on the line.
  • The Wiring, whether installed by ACD or not, conforms to the Demarc Extension Wiring Specifications

If these above conditions are met, ACD will waive the Truck Roll Fee on ACD owned Demarc Extensions.

Ordering Circuits to a Specific Network Interface

When placing orders for circuits to an Address, ACD does not have the ability to specify and/or require to a Telco which Network Interface Device or with Demarcation point. We cannot order to a specific Network Interface under most circumstances.

Getting a new Network Interface

Existing Building: For an existing building, the customer can request a new network interface through the existing wirecenter telco. In any event this is going to cost money. The telco companies do not install new network interfaces or relocate them for free. In addition the serving telco is not required to put in a new network interface if the existing network interface. If you want a new or different network interface, please contact ACD.

New Building: For an new building where there is not network interface in existance, there will be a cost to install the network interface from the serving wirecenter telco. The serving wirecenter telco can legally charge these fees. These fees usually include the expense to trench new cable, put in conduit, wire panels, and possibly electronics. Please contact ACD if you have a new building and need a Telco network interface. If fees have not been paid to the serving wirecenter telco, or to ACD to forward onto the serving wirecenter telco company, ACD will not be able to provision service, even after the Network Interface

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