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ACD maintains many network spares in house. We run a large network, therefore we have to have a lot of stock of gear. What does this mean for you? You know we will have equipment on hand to repair our network when something breaks. We usually do not have to wait for a vendor to get a component to fix our own network. In a worst case scenario, ACD will loan equipment to existing corporate customers, (as long as we have adequate in inventory) for short periods of time, in the event the customer has a significant outage. We are not required to do so, and this is not a service commitment. The loans are only for short periods of time, and ACD may charge a fee for this. If the equipment is not returned soon, we will bill you for the equipment loan.

The equipment we use is specific to our needs. When evaluating which platforms to deploy on our network, the principles below guide our decision making:

  • In high volume production deployment.
  • It is tried and true and has a high reliability rate.
  • Is considered a Mainline piece of hardware.
  • Does not have a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. The more complicated the software, the less reliable it is. We need software that has been through a lot of cycles, and is tried and true.
  • We at times do not acquire the "latest generation" of hardware. From a reliability and code quality standpoint, this is usually risky. Since we all depend on a highly reliable network, we have found that the later generations of hardware, which are often low production and also have further refinements that need to be made at the board and chip level, have initial quality or reliability issues.
  • We and Cisco have extensive debugging experience on the platform that we are going to use.
  • Support specific needs ACD has, such as MPLS and other service provider feature sets. Not all hardware sold to enterprises support the specific functions we need.
  • ACD limits the amount and type of equipment for debugging and stocking purposes.
  • Possess the lowest overall cost of operation.

Cisco Routing and Switching Equipment we have in inventory that may be available for temporary use for customers:

  • Cisco ONS-15454 Sonet Platforms
  • Cisco 124XX Switch Routers
  • Cisco 7507 Routers
  • Cisco 6509 Core Switch/Routers
  • Cisco 7206 VXR Aggregation Routers
  • Cisco 3550 Switches of various types.
  • Cisco 55XX Switches - Old inventory not in production use.
  • Cisco 3662 Telco DCN Routers
  • Cisco 28XX Routers
  • Cisco 26XX Routers
  • Cisco 18XX Routers
  • Cisco 17XX Routers
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