Network Interconnection Policy and Process

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ACD has an Network Neutrality and Open Access Policy because we believe networks are best experienced when you can connect to the most locations. ACD will interconnect with any other provider at any technically or economically feasable point.

To read our Statement on Network Neutrality and Open access, click here.


Where to Interconnect

For a list of our readily available interconnection points, click here. Central Office Interconnection Points. ACD may charge fees to interconnect at these points, dependant on location. For costs, please email

General Technical Specifications

Please select the port speed desired below:

  • T1
  • Multiple T1
  • T3
    • Select either:
      • Packet over Sonet (preferred)
      • ATM
  • OC-3
    • Select either:
      • Packet over Sonet (preferred)
      • ATM
  • Ethernet 10mb/s
    • ACD accepts a copper Cat5/Cat6 Interface
  • Ethernet 100mb/s
    • ACD accepts a copper Cat5/Cat6 Interface
  • Ethernet Gigabit
    • ACD accepts a copper Cat6 Interface
    • ACD

Technical Specifications for Interconnecting Secure Wide Area Networks

Technical Specifications for Internet Peering

Technical Specifications for the exchange of Phone Traffic

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