Order Processing Delay or Suspension

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This document explains ACD's policy related to Order Processing Delay or Suspension.

ACD may delay or suspend order processing for the following reasons:

  • Non-payment or untimely payment of ACD's Invoices.
  • The underlying end-user customer has other unpaid bills or unresolved disputes with ACD, regardless of whether the order has been processed by an existing or new agent for the end-user customer.
  • The order does not have the complete documentation associated with the order.

In these scenarios, ACD service processing delays, due the below reasons, are not covered by ACD's time commitment to complete orders.

Non-Payment or Untimely Payment

The term of payment is 20 days on our bills. While we understand that unique circumstances may exist for customer occasionally, ACD's business is to provide telecommunications services, not to provide financing activities for customers bills. Therefore, we need timely payment on bills.

  • Unpaid bills in the 30-60 day column: If the customer has bills that are unpaid in the 30-60 day column, ACD management, at its discretion, may suspend pending, in process, or new orders, if the issue of timely payment is chronic.
  • Unpaid bills in the 60-90 day column or greater: All pending, in process, or new orders will not be processed. Exceptions may be made by senior management the CEO, President & COO, or the CFO.
  • Unpaid in the 90+ day column: All pending or new orders are halted and all services are subject to immediate suspension. This shall be automatic and without prior notification. Only ACD.net CEO is authorized to override this policy.

Underlying End-User Unpaid Bills

ACD provides services on a retail and a wholesale basis. Occasionally, an end-user will game between service providers to avoid bills. This usually occurs in these scenarios:

  • An ACD retail customer will switch to an ACD wholesaler to avoid payment of a prexisting bill.
  • A wholesale customer will switch between two different ACD wholesalers, or agents, to avoid payment of a previous bill to another agent.
  • In some situations a wholesale customer will switch to ACD directly in order to avoid payment.

In general, it is ACD's policy to ensure that the end-user does not inappropriately avoid payment of services that are provided by ACD. ACD will exercise reasonable discretion to address these matters.

Incomplete Orders

Incomplete orders will generally not be processed. Errors in orders will need to be fixed prior to orders being processed. Orders should be sent to orders@acd.net

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