Testing Connection Quality

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There are a few functions that determine the "quality" of your connection from your service provider. In order to determine if the quality of bandwidth you are receiving is of high quality there are a few tests that you can do.

The main components of connection "quality" are:

  • Speed or Bandwidth of a Connection: This is usually erroneously referred to speed. The bandwidth is the correct term. For testing bandwidth go to: Bandwidth or Speed Testing
  • Packet Loss: This determines how many packets you loose between two points. Packet loss is generally more important than "Speed" or Latency. Having packet loss affects the Speed or Bandwidth of a connection because your computer and network components have to do more work to retransmit failed packets.
  • Latency: This is the variation in the packets transmission on a connection. When there is large variation between the packets sent between two points, this various can affect critical services such as VOIP or SIP Trunking.

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