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Truck Roll Fee or TRF for short, is a fee that ACD charges in the event that a customer requests a dispatch to thier site, and the problem is not found to be on ACD provided equipment or ACD provide networking. It is our policy to inform customers prior to dispatch that they may have to pay the truck roll fee if the issue is not on ACD's side of the network.

When we assess the Truck Roll Fee

We assess the truck roll fee after we go to the site and the technician returns with the notes from the site visit. We also take into account the prior troubleshooting notes.

Why we assess a Truck Roll Fee

Sending out field people is very expensive. We wish your connectivity be cost efficient. Having truck roll fees, which usually occurs when adequate troubleshooting is refused by the customer. We need to make sure that the issue is not with our network. If it is with your network, then while we will provide limite free service, the cost of sending out people to assist with service on portions of the network that are not ours is an expense that is not related to our network.

How to avoid Truck Roll Fees

We sell a service called linebacker, where we will effectively insure the inside wiring of your house, and will expend up to the amount that has been paid for your linebacker service.

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