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Truck Roll Fee or TRF for short, is a fee that ACD charges to the customer for performing troubleshooting and debugging.

Truck Roll Fees will be charged in the event that a customer requests a dispatch to their site, and the problem is not found to be on ACD provided equipment or ACD provide networking, or the customer refuses to allow ACD to perform testing at the site to debug or resolve the issue. The truck roll fee applies to all items, Copper services, lit fiber, dark fiber, and other services.

It is policy to inform customers prior to dispatch that they may have to pay the truck roll fee if the issue is not on ACD's side of the network.

When we assess the Truck Roll Fee

We assess the truck roll fee after we go to the site and the technician returns with the notes from the site visit. We also take into account the prior troubleshooting notes.

Why we assess a Truck Roll Fee

Sending out field people is very expensive. We want your connectivity to be cost efficient. One of the ways to accomplish this is ahaving truck roll fees, which usually occur when adequate troubleshooting is refused by the customer. We need to make sure that the issue is not with our network. If it is with your network, then while we will provide limited free telephone support service, the cost of sending out people to assist with service on portions of the network that are not ours is an expense that is not related to our network.

Refusal or Impediment to ACD performing troubleshooting

ACD is required to perform a series of tests to collect data, in order to facilitate resolving technical issues. If the ACD customer refuses ACD's requested testing, ACD will be unable to accurately assess and debug technical issues. In general, ACD can and will perform any intrusive testing at a time that most minimally impacts customer operations.

In a situation where a customer refuses to allow ACD to perform its troubleshooting, a Truck Roll Fee will be assessed for the service call and any other service calls that ACD is restricted from performing troubleshooting.

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