Customer Premise Equipment Used by ACD, Limitations and Supported Configurations

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To Support our networks, ACD uses a variety of pieces of equipment. ACD is far superior to other providers in that we monitor 100% of our network equipment, including equipment at your site. Thus we often know that equipment is having problems far before customers experience those problems. Each customer is different and needs different types of equipment to support their connectivity.

Managed Firewall Service

ACD provides firewall service to customers. Customers are charged a set monthly fee for firewalling, and a configuration change fee that is one time per configuration change or debugging process.

Limitation of Liability - ACD accepts no risk for misconfiguration or operation of a customers internal network. We are only providing service as support service to customers own internal security.

Equipment Used for Deployment

Residential Deployment Routers

  • Ubiquiti ER-X
  • Zhone (no longer in primary production deployment as of 07/17/19)

Business Deployment Routers

  • Ubiquiti ER-X - Generally small / Medium Business
  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter12 and 12P - Generally Medium sized businesses.
  • Cisco 6509E - Supervisor 2T - High End - Generally large businesses, institutions, and educational markets.
  • Cisco 3550 - no longer in production deployment
  • Cisco 3560G - end of production deployment

Wifi Deployment:

  • AirCube
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