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Customer End

Ping testing can be used in several scenarios while troubleshooting DSL issues.

You should be able to ping your gateway from your PC. In a command prompt(Start>Run>cmd), you can type ipconfig or ipconfig /all to display LAN adapter info. The important info is the IP address and Default Gateway you are getting. If you are getting an internal IP(192.168.X.X), you most likely have a router as a gateway. In this case, the GW will probably also be an internal IP address. If you cannot ping your gateway, you will not be able to access the internet.

One of the first troubleshooting steps ACD will ask is to bypass any internal equipment/routers and connect directly to the modem. If you are already configured for DHCP, you will not need to make any changes. Just switch the cord that goes from your computer to the router. Unplug it from the router and plug it into the modem after unplugging the cord that goes from the router to the modem. With your computer directly connected to the modem, you should be able to ping your GW IP, which is located in our CO.

Sometimes you will be able to ping an IP address, such as our DNS server ACD DNS Servers), but cannot load pages. This may be a problem with your DNS settings (see How to Flush your DNS Cache on your computer).

To verify you are set up to receive a DHCP address see Confirming you are able to receive a DHCP address

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