Datacenter collocation specifications

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ACD collocates gear within datacenters or hosting sites for the purposes of a) distributing bandwidth to other end users b) providing redundancy to our network c) providing bandwidth within the datacenters.

ACD will only collocate in "Carrier Neutral" sites where we have access and the ability to freely connect to others, and are able to bring in fiber optic cables into the location without restriction.

ACD does not place aggregation equipment at customer sites in exchange for services.

Stage 1: Customer aggregation locations. Stage 2: Hosting location. Stage 3: Carrier-to-Carrier Datacenters.

Access Requirements:

  • 24*7*365 access via swipe cards/key cards only.
  • ACD does not collocate in sites that use metal keys or other restrictions, or where we have to call someone before we have access.
  • ACD does not collocate in shared use sites MTU/MDU sites that do not have key card access.


  • 19" Rackmount, 4 post.
  • 32" depth.
  • Standard 7ft or 42in Rack Unit.
  • We do not share rack space.

Open Frame Racks:

  • 19" or 23" Racks
  • ability to have 32" in depth.
  • We do not share rack space.
  • Space should be caged or limited access, i.e. carrier meet-me area.

Building Entrance:

  • 1" 1/4 HDPE conduit or larger.
  • qty 2 minimum.
  • ability to add more conduits.

Power: Either AC or DC, please specify availability.

  • DC is preferred for Carrier-to-Carrier locations.
    • -48vdc, 50 amps per feed, dual feed required.
  • AC power
    • 208/220/240 V
  • 30 amp each, dual feed, separately fused.

Battery feeds and Generator systems will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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