I Can't Delete Anything From Webmail

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== I Can't Delete Anything From Webmail ==
If you cannot delete any email in webmail, you can easily remedy the problem.<br>
First, log into your e-mail.
*Than confirm that you cannot delete the email.<br><br>
[[File:Webmail delete 1.PNG]]<br><br>
*Next, go to Settings and then select the Folders tab. There will not be a trash folder. You need to create one.<br><br>
[[File:Webmail delete 2.PNG]]<br><br>
*Afterwards, create a new folder called "Trash" (The name is not important).<br><br>
[[File:Webmail delete 3.PNG]]<br><br>
*Next, go back to the Preferences tab and select Special Folders from the left hand side. Select the folder you created from the drop down next to Trash.<br><br>
[[File:Webmail delete 4.PNG]]<br><br>
*Lastly, delete the email to confirm that it can be deleted.<br><br>
[[File:Webmail delete 5.PNG]]

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