Multiple Dwelling Unit Deployments

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  • ACD provides wired service to the end user.
    • ACD does not provide WiFi as the primary transport to reach the units, as the capacity, complexity, coverage, and lack of consistent speeds in an MDU setting are problematic.
  • ACD provides pricing/service plans to the end-user.
  • ACD gets renumerated by the end user.
  • ACD provides customer support to the end user.
  • ACD's credit policy is located here [[1]]

Cost contribution

  • If the MTU/MDU Owner contributes to the cost of deploying infrastructure to the apartment/or Multi-Dwelling Unit, ACD will provide a negotiated discount percentage to service the units.

MTU/MDU Owner, or Association is the servicing party

  • ACD provides bandwidth to the MTU/MDU association.
  • ACD is responsible for wiring/infrastructure prior to the demarcation point.
  • Owner/Association is responsible for all wiring and equipment past the demarcation point.
  • ACD is has a single point of contact.
  • ACD provides a single bill to the apartment owner/association.
  • Owner/Association is responsible for all end-user customer support.
  • Owner/Association is responsible for all security, firewalling, etc.
  • ACD provides contracted bandwidth and price to the Owner of the MDU/Association Owner.
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