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Getting Started

Verify Account Contacts

  • If you want to receive email or sms notifications regarding the status of your monitored hosts, you will need to make sure that the email address and/or mobile number is tied to a contact on your customer account.
  • To add or change an account contact from click Manage Contacts on the left hand menu. You can then Edit, Delete, or Add New Contact

Entering NetOps Monitoring

  • Once you have your contacts set, you can access NetOps Monitoring by clicking the link NetOps Monitoring on the left hand menu.
  • The first page you will see will be your Host List if this is the first time you've used NetOps Monitoring, your list will be empty and you will just see a bar labelled Non-Grouped Hosts. Your monitored hosts will be displayed here once you've added them.

Managing Hosts

Adding A Host

  • Once in the NetOps Monitoring section of, click the Add Host link at the top of the page.
  • In the Hostname/IP text field, enter the hostname or IP address of the host you want to monitor.
  • Under Account Contacts: you will see the Name of the contact from your customer account contacts, accompanied by their Email Addressand Cell Phone, each with a checkbox to the right. You will also see, next to the Cell Phone checkbox, a drop down menu under Email - to - SMS containing a list of common email-to-sms extensions used by providers.
    • For each account contact who should receive notifications regarding the state of the monitored host, click the checkbox next to the desired contact method (you can select both Email and Cell Phone for any contact).
    • If you've selected the Cell Phone number as a contact method, please use the Email - to - SMS dropdown menu to select the email-to-sms extension used by your cellular service provider. If you do not know what extension they use, the information should be available on your providers website or can usually be obtained by contacting their support department.
  • Once you've entered the IP or hostname of the host, and chosen your desired contacts and contact methods (you can choose no contacts initially and add them later) click the Submit button to add the host to our NetOps Monitoring system.
    • You will see a notification page confirming that the device was successfully added. You can then click Host List to return.
    • The information for your new host may not display right away but within a few minutes it should be available.

Removing A Host

  • At the bottom of each host entry on the host list there is a Remove Host link. To remove a host click this link for the host you would like to delete.
  • Click the confirmation link on the confirmation page to confirm you wish to delete the host from monitoring.

The Manage Host Page

  • One of the links at the bottom of each host's entry on the Host List page is the Manage Host link. This will take you to a page where you can set a nickname for the host, manage the host's group membership and toggle notifications on/off for the host.

Set Nickname

  • The top section on the Manage Host page is the Set Nickname section.
  • To set a nickname, fill in the text field labelled Nickname (only accepts alphanumeric characters, whitespace and underscore) and click the link labelled Update Nickname

Add Host to Group

  • If you've created any groups for your hosts, from the Manage Host page you can add the host to a group.
  • Select the desired group from the Select Group dropdown (for each group the host is already in, you will see a label "Already In Group" following the hostname).
  • Click the button labelled Add To Group

Remove Host from Group

  • In the Remove From Group section there is a link for each group the host is in.
  • Click the link to remove the host from that group.

Disable/Enable Notifications

  • If you want to stop or start email and/or emait-to-sms notifications for a host, on that host's Manage Host page, there is a button labelled Disable Notifications or Enable Notifications depending on whether notifications are currently enabled or disabled for that host.
  • Click the button to toggle notification stauts.

Managing Groups

Creating A Group

  • To add a group, click the Manage Groups link at the top of the page.
  • From the Manage Groups page, fill in the Group Name field at the top and click Add Group to add the group.
  • The new group will appear on the Manage Groups page under the Group Name header.

Removing A Group

  • From the Manage Groups page, to the right of the name of each group there is a link labelled Delete Group.
  • Click the Delete Group link corresponding to the group you wish to delete, then confirm on the confirmation page to remove the group.
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