Pegasus Mail

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Pegasus Mail

When you open the email client, your screen will look like this:

Pegasus mail 1.PNG

Navigate to File>Network configuration... and enter your email address.

Pegasus mail 2.PNG

Now switch to the Receiving(POP3) tab to add an incoming server.

Pegasus mail 3.PNG

and click Add...

Pegasus mail 4.PNG

then click New... and fill in the server info.

User name should be your full email address!

Pegasus mail 5.PNG

Navigate to the Security tab and make sure SSL is not enabled. This will be disabled by default. Click OK, then select the server you just created.

Pegasus mail 6.PNG

Now navigate to the Sending(SMTP) tab and click Add...

Pegasus mail 7.PNG

Then click New...

Pegasus mail 8.PNG

Enter the server info:

Pegasus mail 9.PNG

Now select the Security tab and check the Login to the SMTP server using a POP3 username/password box.

Pegasus mail 10.PNG

Select the pop3 server you already created.

Pegasus mail 11.PNG

Click OK. Select the server you just created. Click OK again. Now make sure you can send and receive mail.

Pegasus mail 12.PNG

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