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  • A person that has made a stage 1 cold call to a potential customer puts an automatic reservation on the customer for 45 days.
  • A person that has made a stage 2 cold call to a potential customer puts an automatic reservation on the customer for 90 days.
  • A person that has made a stage 3 cold call to a potential customer puts an automatic reservation on the customer for 180 days.


  • If a potential customer initiates incoming contact to ACD, via phone, email or other incoming contact to ACD, the call will be guaranteed to be routed to the Qualifying ACD sales person that made the last made a valid cold call if within the reservation period.
  • If outside reservation period, if the customer calls in and does not know whom they spoke to, or does not indicate the salesperson contact, or preference to speak to a particular salesperson then the call will be routed to either the sales lead pool or to a house account order taker.
  • As an indication of the actual verifiable contact the sales person should at least obtain the persons name, phone number and/or email address of the person they have communicated with on the cold call, and or other contact or relevant information.
  • As the records between CMS and Salesmap are synchronized and cross correlated, both should be checked if the customer is also in CMS.

Definition of a Cold Call Prospect

  • A stage 1 cold call prospect is when a message or other form of outbound communication exists to the customer record, i.e. a voice mail left or information left at the front desk of a potential customer location.
  • A stage 2 cold call prospect is when the person making the cold call has obtained information from the prospect about the a) existing service they have, b) the salesperson obtains direct contact information, i.e. email, phone extension, cell phone, and the persons name that has some decision/influence capacity.
  • A stage 3 cold call prospect is when the sales person has obtained enough information to provide a valid quote to the customer, and has delivered that quote and the customer has received it.

Documentation of a Valid Cold Call

The documentation of a cold call must be made in either CMS or in sales map, or the sales prospect form. No other form of documentation or proof will be considered enforceable.

An in person visit to the customer as well shall be considered to be the same as a phone call, as long as it is documented via email communication to or in an outlook schedule or documented in the customer note shortly after the appointment was made.

Definition of Incoming Sales Lead Pool

  • Incoming Sales Lead Pool are the leads that are generated from incoming calls to the company, whether from previous sales efforts that did not produce a sale, generation of marketing or leads otherwise obtained.
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