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Welcome Email

  • When your Backup Pro account is created, you should receive a "Welcome Email" containing:
    • Account information:
      • Login Name
      • Alias
      • Language
      • Your Contact Email Address
      • Backup quota
    • Links to setup information and FAQ:
      • Installation wizard, containing instructions for first time setup on any operating system (Win, Mac, *nix, NetWare) along with how to backup and restore your data.
      • FAQ containing more detailed information on the backup system.

I do not have my Welcome Email

  • If your welcome email was lost, deleted or not received, you can still recover all of the information you need to get started!
    • Your Login Name, Password, Alias, Language and Contact Email Address can be recovered or reset if you call in to our support department.
    • Your Quota can be adjusted if it was not set correctly but you will want to contact your sales rep to increase your contracted quota.
  • The Links provided on this page to the Installation wizard and FAQ will take you to the same information as those in the welcome email.

I am not using for my internet connection

  • If your internet connection is not through (If your backups will be coming to our server from a different ISP) you will need to notify your sales rep or our support department of what IP address(es) the backups will be coming from. This will need to happen before your first backup so that we can allow your device to connect to our server.
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