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ACD does provide credits for service outages that are requested by customers. The guidelines that apply for service credits are contained in this document.

A request must be made on Create a service ticket to the Accounting Department as to the reasons for the service credit. ACD will reply with the status of the credit request.

Circumstances where ACD does not provide service credits

  • ACD does not provide a service credit for greater than the length of outage.
  • ACD will not provide any credit for consequential or incidental damages, lost data, or lost revenue due to service being out. The credit will never exceed the amount of service charge that ACD provides to the end-user.
  • ACD does not provide service credits for delay of installation of new services. Many factors related to installation delays are out of our control. Therefore, and additionally, ACD does not provide credits for services that we are net yet billing for.
  • ACD does not provide service credits due to service outages that occur during Posted Maintenance and Maintenance Windows.
  • ACD does not provide service credits due to failure of customer owned equipment, even if ACD was involved in troubleshooting that equipment with the customer.
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