How to Enable Telnet on Windows 7

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Enabling Telnet in Windows 7

To enable telnet in Windows 7 navigate to the Control Panel.

Telnet 1.png

Click on Get Programs.

Telnet 2.png

Click on Turn Windows feartures on or off.

Telnet 3.png

Please wait(this can take a minute depending on your system)

Telnet 4.png

Now Navigate down and find telnet...

Telnet 5.png

Click the check box next to Telnet Client and click OK

Telnet 6.png

Wait a little longer...

Telnet 7.png

Once the window disappears, you should be able to access telnet.

Telnet 8.png

Open a command prompt and try to telnet to our mail server.

Telnet 9.png

If you see this, telnet is working.

Telnet 10.png

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