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ACD provides communication service, which are critical to home and business operations. Often times our service includes the provision of 911 service. Customers also use our communication services to for security service such as monitoring, network management and security services.

In order to ensure that service is not terminated inappropriately, ACD requires service to be cancelled in confirmed writing via the following requirements.


ACD does accept cancellation in the following manner

  • Login to The best way to do this is to put in a service cancellation service ticket within The date of the service cancellation is then logged, and the ip address is logged.
  • Via Certified Letter
  • Via a received fax from you location. Upon receipt of your fax, we will open a service ticket associated with your account. If you do not see a service ticket is opened on your account within 24 hours, we did not receive your fax.

ACD does not accept cancellation in the following manner

  • Verbal communication in any way to ACD. For example we do not accept service cancellation by a verbal telephone contact to a salesperson, customer support person, or via a call to our accounting department. We cannot for certain verify that the person on the phone is an actual person.
  • Via Email. Email does not have a tracking mechanism so that you are certain that your email sent was received by ACD. Email addresses can also easily be spoofed. We, under any circumstances do not accept cancellation verbally, whether confirmed or not.

Timing of cancellation

  • ACD will not retroactively back date cancellations and stop charging fees, if the customer does not appropriately cancel according to the requirement.
  • ACD will not be responsible for charges, moves or changes without a 30 prior notice of cancellation.
  • Porting your phone numbers to a new provider does not constitute cancellation of service.

Cancellation Forms

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